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Wish Taxi 2013 AKA Secret Travel 소원택시 (so-won-taeg-si)

Director:  Park Chang-jin (박창진)
Stars: Jang Seong-won (장성원), Oh In-hye (오인혜), Han So-yeong (한소영), Kim Seon-young (김선영)
Genres: Drama
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 800MB
Resolution: 1280×704
Running time: 1h 57m
Sub :
Language: Korean
Encoder : HQ@mkvcine
Source: Wish Taxi 2013.720p.HDRip.H-Unknown


In-man is a timid but caring man who creates a suicide group for his first night with his girlfriend and suggests a ‘bucket list’.
Strong but weak woman Ji-eun is at risk of being sold to some islands because of debt thats started with her college fees so she decides to spend a whole lot of money before she dies.
Hye-ri is a bright but pained girl who gave everything to a man she loved but got nothing in return.
Cho-hee is a woman who’s life isn’t the same after sending away everyone she ever loved.
The four people alike, fulfill their ‘bucket list’ before they die and find hope and happiness in the process.

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